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Mixing Hip Hop Doesn’t Have to be Complicated!

If you are anything like I was, you are probably going through all the up and downs of mixing Hip Hop. Maybe you’ve spent countless hours or even days mixing the same record but you’re still getting the same results.

It’s okay I was there.

I remember spending 7 days on one track just to get it to sound good. I wasted so much time and I want to hep you not waste your valuable time.

You might be asking yourself questions like:

  • “There’s so much going on, where do I even start?”

  • “How come my mixes don’t sound like the pros?

  • “Why don’t my drums come through the speakers?”

  • “Why aren’t the vocals cutting properly?”

You see all engineers go through the growing pains in the beginning stages and often times it takes years to figure it out.


Now don’t get me wrong, mixing hip hop is a continual learning process and you learn something every time you mix a record. The difference is that the pros make minor tweaks to improve their sound while amateurs keep running around in circles. Don’t be like everyone else.

It isn’t in how expensive your gear is or how fancy your plugins are, it really comes down to how you think and what you’re listening for.

I’m going to help you get started off in the right direction to allow your mind to open up creatively so you can consistently turn out HIGH QUALITY mixes.

You Don’t Need the Best Plugins and Gear

Of course having better gear is going to help the cause but it isn’t going to make you a great mixer.

Let’s think of it from another profession, let’s say golf. Who doesn’t like golf right? But do you think that if Tiger Woods had wooden clubs from the 1960’s that he wouldn’t be able to shoot a good score? I doubt it. Yes he has access to some of the best equipment that money can buy, which helps lower his score, but his success lies in his talent, psychology and most of all his hard work.

That’s the exact same philosophy with mixing. With a little technique and guidance from someone with more experience, you can get off on the right foot to make sure that you stand the best chance at mixing like a pro.


I’ve been fortunate enough to interview and talk to some really talented engineers. Most, if not all of them, have been ditching their clunky outboard gear and heading in the box.

They believe the technology is so good now that they can deliver the same quality mixes inside-the-box that they could only do outside-the-box, not too long ago.

I asked Grammy nominated mix engineer Ariel Borujow whether he believed you could mix a pro record with a simple set up, here’s what he had to say:

Ariel Borujow (The Black Eyed Peas, P Diddy, Kanye West)

Absolutely!  A mentor told me a long time ago that it’s the ear not the gear, so it doesn’t matter.

When I started going freelance, I had an Mbox with stock plug-ins and that’s how I was making money.  I was just coming off assisting and I was like “Oh I can do this myself, in my house? Okay.”  So I bought the Mbox with the Producer bundle and I had all stock plug-ins.  I had the DVerb, the EQ2 (at the time), the stock compressor and the stock deEsser; I just made it work.  Obviously now I’ve upgrade quite a bit but I do believe that you can make it work with whatever you have.

Some Information About the Tutorial

Featured Song


Song: Look At Me » Artist: Bare » Produced by: Sleep & Bare



  • 21 1080p HD Videos

  • over 4 hours of In Depth explanation

  • Compatible with Pro Tools 7-11

  • 2 PT Project Files – 1 is unmixed to follow along with Videos 2-8 & 1 complete mix

  • 24 bit consolidated WAV files for Non PT Users

  • Documentation detailing all of the plugins I’ve used

Some Positive Feedback

hey Justin, i want to say great job with all of the tutorials, its greatly appreciated. Thanks
I’m just hyped to start watching. I enjoy you work, you inspire me. Thank you for that.

What Am I Going to Learn?

  • Organization

There is a reason why the first 8 videos are specifically on organization because it is the most important for getting a great mix. Follow along with the included session or just sit back and watch.

Gin Staging
  • Gain Staging

Another thing that’s very important is the gain structure of your audio tracks. Want loud but clean sounding Hip Hop records? If you said yes (like most people) than this is a very important section to follow.

  • The Art of Balancing

Watch me balance this Hip Hop Record in real time and show you how setting up your initial levels will ultimately guide the rest of the mix. In Fact, I’m giving away this section of the tutorial for FREE – Find it Below

Drums that SMACK!


A very important part of mixing hip hop is that the drums rip through the speakers. You have to be able to feel the weight of the kick and the smack of the snare otherwise it just doesn’t feel right. I go through the entire process of how I was able to get these drums to come to life so that they touch the listener.

  • 2 Stage DeEssing

The concept of DeEssing sounds simple – just throw up a plugin right? That’s not what I do. Learn how I do my two stage DeEssing process where I use automation and plugins for the best results and most natural sounding vocals.

  • Creative Use of Effects

Sometimes Hip Hop can be the hardest genre to apply effects to. Too much or too little can back fire on you. Learn how I apply effects to get the vocal to live in an environment but not sound like it’s swimming.

Do Not Touch
  • When Not to Do Things

All the pros know when to do something but more importantly when NOT to do something. I’ll explain to you in the tutorial why I didn’t touch certain aspects of the mix.

Vocals That Cut

Another very important part of mixing hip hop is the vocals. These are crucial in terms of how good or bad the mix is going to sound. Follow along as I go through all the processing I used, step-by-step so you have a psychological understanding as to why I did what I did.

Vocals that Cut

Sample Replacement
  • Sample Replacement

I talk about sample replacement and why it was important to this record. Learn how sample replacement can effect your drums but also help with texture and depth.

  • Mastering

I’ll explain to you how I was able to take this record to it’s full potential, not only for loudness but for punch, clarity and the all important “vibe”

  • Automation

This record could not sound the way it does with out automation. Watch as I explain how to ride the faders and why it was important to the musicality of this Hip Hop Song

This is just the tip of the ice berg as this tutorial is



The Tutorial is Structured Into the Following Parts:

  • Introduction

  • Naming the Ingredients

  • Colour Coding and Arranging

  • Gain Staging

  • Trimming the Fat

  • Adding Markers

  • Setting Up Busses

  • The Balance

  • Post Mix Wrap Up

  • FX

  • Sample Replacement

  • Bass

  • Drums

  • E. Piano

  • Synths

  • Guitars

  • Verse Vocals

  • Hook Vocals

  • Bridge Vocals

  • Mix buss

  • Automation


Watch the Full 18 min Balance video for FREE

Honestly, I really like your tutorials. I especially like the way you explain your thought process when you’re mixing as well as when you interview another engineer. In my opinion, you could never have too much of that! I know what problems I think I hear in a track but a lot of times it’s a totally different problem you’re hearing as a more experienced engineer. VERY, VERY HELPFUL!!!! As I mentioned before, I really like your use of FX on vocals and instruments. It always seems to push the mix in a very musical way. This and your automation moves in my opinion are among your best qualities! Great Stuff!

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Just wanted to say “Great Job” on that tutorial….. Thanks for sharing. I’ve been mixing for about 4 years, and it’s tough because some do not want to share (tips and tricks) whats been freely given to them. A lot of the well established engineers were taught by someone else, but then refuse to teach others . . . . Thanks Again . . . I will study this intently!!!!!
hi Justin so long time follower and i gotta say that first mixing video is great stuff man. i just wanted to say i really like how you did it and I am glad I signed up, keep up the good work.